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Photography is another powerful tool to capture moments in time. The goal is to document moments so that these photos can be cherished for the rest of our lives.

It is also a great marketing tool for companies. For instance, you have an upcoming business event and you want to share this event with a lot of people. You hire a photographer to capture your event. Once you release the photos, there is a high likelihood that the people who attended the event will share this on their social media with their networks. This will increase the online eyeballs for your event, giving it the possibility to grow.

Photos are memories, stories, first impressions and so much more. 

Do you want to freeze time and capture your moments? Media Johnson is happy to help you with that.



Our lenses give us the possibility to have a picture where everything is in focus, but also where only the subject is in focus. 


High Shutterspeed

Thanks to our camera, we can change the shutter speed. This means that we can literally freeze time. This gives us the possibility to capture moments that happen in an eyeblink.


Low Shutterspeed

Just like we can have a high shutter speed, it is also possible to have a low shutter speed. This gives us the possibility to slow things down, giving it a mysterious look.

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