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Good storytelling is what makes your video or photo stand out from the rest. If you want to tell a good story, it is very important that you show unique perspectives. Many people have already seen a boat, but few have seen a boat from a birds eye view.

That is why a drone is almost a must have if you want your videos or photos stand out from the rest. It opens a whole new creative aspect to your end result.

If your story is missing an eye in the sky, we are happy to help you with that.


Vertical mode

Thanks to our DJI Mini Pro 3, we are able to give you the option to shoot your story in vertical mode. This is perfect if your video is for a social platform like Instagram and TikTok.


Horizontal mode

Besides the vertical mode, our drone has the standard option to shoot horizontally. This is perfect for cinematic shots and for videos that you want to showcase with the traditional perspective


Eye in the sky

We think it's safe to say that we've all wanted to be able to fly when we were younger. We make those dreams come true.

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